Plant protection products new developments from a legal perspective

Abstract: The regulations at national and European level on the legal protection and placing on the market of plant protection products need to update and harmonize the legal structure for the protection of these products. Since 2009, European and national authorities have materialized this update through the enactment of advanced regulations in the matter of authorisation, placing on the market and sustainable use of PPPs. Thus, the latest Spanish regulation paves the way for the control of the marketing of PPPs, developing new mechanisms to follow the course of the commercialization of PPPs in Spain and the Union, and this new legal framework aims to be an example of initiative in the PPPs sector so that the Community authorities adopt these strategies of control and surveillance. Therefore, achieve the objectives of responsible commerce and responsible use of plant protection products in the EU.

Keywords: Plant Protection Products (PPPs), Commercialisation, Authorisation, Agro-industrial sector.


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